Children's Services
(201) 599-1309

The Children's section serves youngsters from birth to young adult. The staff will assist you and your children in locating books, magazines, pictures, audio cassettes, videocassettes, recorded books, and Read-Along Kits. Computers and software are available for use in the library. Professional librarians can help with the reference collections as well as children's homework assignments. Children's Services also provide year round stimulating and innovative programs.

If you want to know what programs are available for children or if you have a question regarding the children's department please call or visit them.


Reference Department

The Reference Department is staffed by professional librarians with Masters degrees who are always on duty during library hours. Reference librarians help with more than using the comprehensive reference collection. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

If you want to know if the library has a book or if you want to request or reserve an item, please call or visit the Reference department.


Circulation Department
(201) 599-1302

The circulation department handles the charging and discharging of materials, placing of loan requests and questions regarding the status of items on your library card. If you want to renew a book, or inquire about items that are on your card, please feel free to call the circulation department.


Administration Department

In addition to normal administrative functions, the library administration office handles the scheduling of library events for adults. If you have a question about an event or wish to contact the Director, please call.


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